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Default Re: Non Controlling Local Church, Really?

Originally Posted by Terry View Post

They would absolutely be stunned someone would dare share apart from "the ministry". John Piper, Art Katz, Stephen Kaung, etc and many would probably not know how to react or respond. Others might get offended someone actually getting light from another ministry.
Yeah, I think most would be too stunned to offer an Amen.
The last time I participated in a LC meeting (about 10 years ago), we were traveling with our trailer near that locality. At a coffee break I shared with one brother how refreshing it was to visit various ekklesias as we traveled around the country. I had a flow when I was speaking to him, telling Him about how others loved Jesus, and that it was good to not forsake the assembling with other believers, just because we happened to be traveling through a small town somewhere. He was silent and a little stunned. I knew what he was experiencing (disbelief that there could be real enjoyment of the Lord in what I shared) and didn't share with him to shock him, but was just in the goodness of that experience. (In fact, as we traveled through this particular LC area, I was led to meet with them - just as I would with any other gathering of saints any where.)
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