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Default Re: Rethink the "Lordís Recovery"

Originally Posted by Sons to Glory! View Post
So what happened to "Just a little brother" who started this thread? I don't see any other posts on here from him . . .

And it certainly does appear that what happened with the Brethren happened to TLR, especially after WL's influence. To me, the extreme exclusivity was TLR biggest error, because it goes the most against the love we were commanded to show to one another!
I'm freed from the religious system of LR, now I'm meeting with other church. I know so little about Christianity when I was in LR, literally no time to read books from other authors, if brother Lee was still alive, I'll go to right on his face to tell him Christianity isn't poor at all and God is using many servants and continue to shed the light in each of his churches!!

In this moment I want to study more about the brethren, I want to know the real history rather a simple 1-2min brief history told by the LR group. I'm surprised how dumb I was and how lazy I was to simply accept things that people told me
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