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Default Re: A Brief Testimony

Hi Curt,

I hope you remember me. I met with the church in San Diego from 1975-78/79.

I have a lot of posts here & on the other forum. I'm not posting as much these days as I used to.

Anyway, I remember you and your ex-wife. I was very shocked and saddened when I learned you & D divorced. Once in a great while I hear from a few people who are still in San Diego I'm sure you remember.

Priestly Scribe also was in San Diego and posts here and at the other forum. He recently left the "Lord's recovery". I am positive you remember him. You can pm him and he'll reveal who he is to you if you want.

You may or may not remember me but I do remember you well and always enjoyed your testimonies back then.

Overall, San Diego was a good healthy church many thanks to John Smith in particular. I was never a true blue Lee-ite. I was 'absolute' for Christ Jesus and the 'church'. I did not realize however, the 'church' under Lee was sooo sectarian until around late 77/78. While you noticed a difference in the church life in the 80s. I saw the adulation of Lee in the late 70s but never said anything of course. In looking back, God's anointing on the church had departed. ( Back then I did not know what the Anointing meant.)

I moved to Tempe with some 'rebellious' saints around 1978/79. There was a lot of venting and 'openness' but few, if any of us knew how to read/pray and fellowship in Newness of Life. So the church life fell apart there and everyone went there seperate ways. I kept the Lord at a distant but would keep an eye on the Eternal Flame which was on the back burner while I dabbled in the world. I didn't go through what you went through but I too not only walked but waddled in the valley of the shadow of death for many years. In 2001, I became violently ill with an auto immune affliction. However, it was not until 2004 I recommitted my life to Jesus. Long story short, (if that's possible , I repented with buckets of tears. Psalm 51:17 tells us a broken and a contrite heart God will not despise. His Word is absolutely TRUE. The Blood of Jesus did a thorough cleansing and Healing of my spirit and my emotions.

Like you I began to read/pray/study the Word of God and this time, I allowed God the Holy Spirit to enlighten me and give me Wisdom and Understanding of the scriptures. I love studying the endtimes we are living in. I personally believe Jesus is returning very, very soon for us. It's a touchy subject on this forum and the other forum so I don't talk about it too much here. Nevertheless, Revelation 1:3 tells us those who read and hear the prophesy of this book (Revelation) are BLESSED. Of course we are blessed when we read the Word of God but the book of Revelation is the only book in the bible that tells us we are blessed for reading and/or hearing the prophesy of our Lord Jesus Christ.

John Smith was greatly used by God to teach us the WORD of God.
I also loved and still love Les & Carolyn who are still in the LC. I last saw them in 2005 when I visited San Diego and that is when I learned of your divorce. I don't know if anyone there knows what happened but if they did, it was kept to themselves. In other words no gossip-true or false was shared with me except you were divorced as many others from San Diego. :frown: I pray you've made peace with your ex as you have made peace with yourself through Christ's forgiveness and deliverance of all you went through. To GOD be all Glory, Praise and Honor with Thanksgiving. I rejoice with the angels and with you and our brethren for your deliverance.

Surely we know the true meaning of Christ coming to set the captives FREE. Glory to His Name.

We are your friends here as well as your brethren.

Welcome Curt. I/we look forward to hearing more from you.

Carol Garza
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.
(Luke 21:36)
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