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Default Re: Member of the church in Jounieh Lebanon

Originally Posted by awareness View Post
I guess "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them," just isn't good enough.
No, it seems that affiliation with a book publisher in Anaheim is required. The church in Corinth had a lampstand, once, according to the NT Acts and epistles. LSM never explained just how and why that lampstand disappeared. There are still believers meeting there 2,000 years later, yet supposedly no lampstand... why? Because the believers are not affiliated with LSM? Then it's clear what defines a lampstand for them - affiliation with an external ministry that publishes and sells materials to a them.

Instead of a clearly presented background, we get this generic, "the church became degraded" story. A whitewash, or in this case a greywash. Of course the church did arguably get corrupted, quite so - enough that it swallows Kiplingesque "Just So Stories" of its history. "Then God raised up Watchman Nee..."
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