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Default Re: An Unknown Follower Of Jesus

Originally Posted by awareness View Post
In the end, the local church is a LSM denomination, with a personality cult leader.
I have to agree. I always avoided the cult label with the LC, because it didn't result in people being detained or drugged or physically hurt. But the personality cult label rings true, I think, as there is this dogged insistence on WL being the Minister of the Age (MOTA - just learned that acronym on here), and his overpowering influence applied in all things LC. Even the 7 Day Adventists, who are so focused on Ellen G. White, do seem to allow just a bit of others in (of course she's been dead 100 years too).

LC a denomination? Yes, without a doubt. And I totally get the idea behind one church one city, but the LC turned it into another division.
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