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As his anecdote makes clear, Steel shaved his beard because he wanted to please the Lord. The Lord is intensely personal. He is also sovereign. In His sovereignty, He arranged this situation for Steel. He engineered it, using all things, matters, and persons. These circumstances stir up the reasoning self. Steel, by the Lordís mercy neither tried to obey out of desire to please man nor did he immediately disobey. He fellowshipped with the Lord, then was supplied to obey the Lordís word, at least temporarily (because the Lord wants him to contact Hin again and again about this matter). Now this transaction becomes an eternal memorial beteeen him and the Lord. May we all have many such positive experiences. There are all kinds of tests from the LordóHe wants to train us to touch Him, remain in constant fellowship with Him, especially in situations that beg for us to act in ourselves, out of our evaluation of it. Were He not also supplying us all the time, we could never do it, or we could do it for a period of time and then burn out and grow bitter. What is impossible for a certain man (what? Shave my beard when I have every good reason not to, including how it might be a cultural thing?) becomes possible with God. The beard matters nothing; it was the fellowship with the Lord that mattered. If Steel shaved it but did not contact the Lord, that would also mean nothing.
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