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I would agree wholeheartedly with OBW's approach.

Find yourself some wholesome Christian fellowship, regardless of where. Follow the Lord's leading for that part. As for the LC part, just reduce (gradually or suddenly, however you feel comfortable) your exposure to the meetings and teachings. I would be very surprised if you don't quickly feel blessed by meeting with others and learning with them.

Part of the biggest issue I have with the LC (following LSM) is that they believe and teach often that they are the ONLY place to be. This leaves no space for the Lord to lead us individually to where He wants us to be. There is only one Church, but it is horribly divided right now. Who here on earth is to say where God wants each and every one of us? He may have some plan for where we should be, and what will transpire if we are where He wants us. Who knows, if we follow the Lord's leading, perhaps even some denominations would fold into each other, fixing some of the division that's out there now. We should just let the Lord lead instead of insisting on having our own way.

For me, personally, I'd suggest looking for some interdenominational study group (like the Campus Crusade for university-aged people). This way there is less likelihood of falling into a doctrinal rut like we all did with the LC. If several differing denominations are involved, I've often found that the focus becomes the true core of the faith, and all the differences are left by the roadside.

Of course, your mileage may vary.
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