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One thing to consider is to simply begin to miss some meetings for legitimate reasons. Then simply stop going. When asked about it, just say you have things going on and need some space. Don't comment on anything.

But find some mainstream Christian fellowship. CMW will advise one way and I would advise another. In truth, either is good, just different. Find what is comfortable to you.

But in saying "comfortable" I do not mean to just "veg-out" in a mindless Christian culture existence. The idea of pursuing Christ is important. The LC does have that one right along with a lot of other groups.

My experience is that when my wife and I left after 14 years, we got one phone call and I said nothing specific and that was the end of it. We smile and chit-chat if we run into any of them here in Irving or at my Dad's house in Dallas (the rest of my family are still in). Someone recently asked me if I agreed that Lee was correct about a particular thing. Since I did not on that point, I said so. But I have mostly kept the LC out of the conversation. With respect to my family, maybe it is time to shake things up a little.
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