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Hi Everyone. Just wanted to give a quick intro and will probably add more at some point later. I'm currently a student who got involved with the lc at the annual bfa distro event. I would have considered myself to be an avid christian at the time, wanted fellowship, and thought that "the church life" would be good for my spirituality. I thought that I'd be "constituted" with all these great things, enter into so much "enjoyment" etc etc and believed the PR versions of everything that I was given.

Anyways, my life,without getting into too many specifics, has gotten kinda messed up since then. I've been following the forums here and on the bereans as well as have read stuff on other websites (whataspin, concerned brothers, twoturmoils et al) about what's really going on and my feeling is that the things that have been "recovered" weren't really "recovered" by witness lee and there's just too much else going on with this whole situation for me to be able to go forward with it.

I have my exit strategy basically planned out, but if anyone has advice or wants to warn me of what to expect that's fine.

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