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Default Re: LC turned me into a leftist

Originally Posted by Evangelical
Hi countmeworthy,

I'm still here. I can't comment on San Diego, but I cannot draw any link between my experience and the claimed sexism and LGBTXYZQRSTism matters. So I don't have much to contribute except point out a few things.

In the LC I know, there are no dress codes, husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends can sit together, although discouraged, and the issue of LGBTXYZ I can't recall ever being mentioned. There is no sexism either, unless we think that to mean that females are not allowed to use the male toilets and vice versa. Sadly, that is a common definition of sexism today.

The claims of sexism by the OP, are of course with respect to the modern standards. However in the early church, they had separated seating for males and females, and women wore head coverings. This persisted until well into the medieval times and later, and the modern concept of males and females together is fairly recent, historically speaking.

Rules about female/male interaction are not uncommon in my view in Christianity. I was once involved in an inter-denominational evangelical organization that believed men and women could not hold hands because the tension between them will lead to a 30 second flurry of activity and produce unwanted offspring. They warned us about holding hands in other words. The LC do not go to such extremes, but I think it works - the out of wedlock pregnancy rate would be lower in the LC than say the Baptist church and Pentecostal churches, applying the biblical principle of marrying rather than burning. This is because in the LC marriage is encouraged rather than so-called "Christian dating". Baptists seem to encourage long periods of "Christian dating" with many different people which is just a Christian version of worldly dating. Pentecostals, I don't know what is going on there. The pastors don't seem to address these matters according to the Bible and allow adulterous relationships to continue unchecked.
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When I was in the local church I thought all sisters were angels. I would have never dreamt that some of them, married sisters even, were getting it on with Philip Lee at LSM. And Tim Lee was also getting it on with married sisters.

The sisters are angels!?! bahahahaha ... how naive I was back then.

And then I discovered that, Watchman Nee had nude movies of sisters.

I got an idea. Make all the sisters wear white covering from head to toe. At least they'll look like angels.
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