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Default Re: In a process of leaving the Local Church

Originally Posted by UntoHim View Post
we're here to tell you that there is life, light and love on the other side. And yes, there is even "church life" on the other side. It may not seem like it, but you are not going to be walking out into the abyss - God, and the Body of Christ are actually waiting for you with open arms. Remember the Lord Jesus' solemn promise "I will not leave you as orphans"
One brother even wrote a book on church life on the other side of the LC sheep-fold.

The greatest joy in my life since leaving the exclusivist LC mind-set has been finding fellowship with other believers. The internet is a great tool. You are not alone.

By the way, the hardest thing I found was to leave the LC mind-set. Even after I left physically, I would be in a church meeting and someone would be talking and I'd think, "That's not God's economy". That went on for years. It is amazing how their ideas wormed into my thinking.
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