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Thanks for your honest testimony “ I Don’t Know”. What you have described here shows what has sadly happened to a church life that has fallen under man’s tight control and organization. No freedom for the Spirit of God to actually move anymore. Everything very nicely organized. Read this…….share a prophesy from this written material….Full Time Trainings…Video Trainings…only read written material put out by LSM.

I much prefer a bible without notes. Do the leading ones in “The Recovery” have any realization that the Spirit of God can actually speak to a believer through the written word of God only.

A full timer once said in a meeting I attended a while back….”I don’t know God and I don’t know anybody that does.” This was not a young newly saved person but someone in their 40’s who had been in the church for quite a number of years and had been a serving one for a good while. I appreciated this one’s honesty and am not at all being critical. But I think that it clearly shows that a lot of people in the LC ‘s are having their heads crammed full of a lot of biblical knowledge rather than being encouraged to simply come to the Lord to be fed by Him in His word.

And the sad thing is………if they did come to the Lord in the word and were touched by God …..if it didn’t somehow line up with whatever was in the HWMR for that particular meeting…..they’d have to drop it anyways and find something in the written material to share on.

That’s probably why there was no life or joy in those meetings. The Spirit is Life…..NOT the ministry.
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