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Default Re: Move to Los Angeles

Originally Posted by ZNPaaneah View Post
Your taking it too seriously. I think that is the point. There are a number of manifestations of being without Christ. As a result we have a number of terms: old man, natural man, etc.
And that is my point. There is not really some important point about the difference between the Old Man and the Natural Man.

What happens is that on one place, the writer is discussing certain issues and uses the term "Old Man" while he or another writer chose the term "Natural Man" as they were talking about something else. It doesn't establish a separation of meaning of the two terms, but does provide insight into whatever the two(??) writers were speaking of in their particular places.

The important thing was what was our natural or old way v God's way. The term put with it was not the point.

But Lee constantly emphasized the differences and made the term as important or even more so by talking about it in this way. It creates a false sense of special knowledge to have had this definitional differentiation given to you.
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