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HERn - What do you mean he made a living...... He actually altered our concepts according to the word of God. "None of the original authors saw"? He saw something and expressed what he saw so that we can understand what the original authors said.
No, I am sorry, yours is the deceptive teaching. We as Protestants don't need anyone other than the Spirit working through the original writings. I do appreciate and receive some of the writings of the early church fathers, and many modern writers and even my pastors, but am completely comfortable throwing out certain things. Here's a test to determine if you are a follower of Nee/Lee: can you toss their leaven or false teachings while still appreciate their healthy teachings? If you must take all their teachings then I would call you a member of the Leeite sect, but still a brother. If you have the spiritual discernment and courage to throw out the trash associated with Leeite sect you can't be a member with them because they will reject you and call you an evil speaker. THE BODY DOES NOT NEED LEE AND NEE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT THE ORIGINAL AUTHORS SAID. 90% of what they teach is old in that others saw and wrote about it before, the estimated 10% of the original teachings from them should be carefully evaluated for error, deception, and false teaching. Just speaking from my limited experience and intuition.
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