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By your logic, then Christ as a Jew was being divisive because He constantly spoke against the Pharisees, also Jews. I agree it is division, but it's a right division. An environment that cultivates a divisive spirit is not good, we try not to do that by focussing on Christ. When our focus is taken away from Christ we may see the differences. To be honest I see no difference between myself and another Christian, on a personal level. I/we do not even ask to what denomination a person belongs, as that is also divisive. They are "Christians who attend such and such denomination". But on an organizational/structural level (when I see A Christian bowing before Mary's idol for example), I see a world of difference from which I must separate.
Nope, that's not where my logic leads at all. Christ spoke against those who were self-righteous, prideful and trusted in their own works to save themselves while disdaining others. Many Pharisees were in this camp. But it wasn't the name "Pharisee" that was at issue. It was the state of their heart and their unbelief. Remember, some Pharisees did believe.

My logic is illustrated in Luke 18 when the Pharisee and tax collector prayed very different prayers, and only one went home justified.

As Christians, we should all be begging God to be merciful to us, not pointing out the way everyone else sins and the way we believe we are "right" or even "ordained". As a Christian, I am one with the Christ in every other believer, no matter how nominally or incorrectly I believe they practice their faith. I don't have to agree with their practice, or copy their practice, or even participate in their practice at all. But I don't judge where the Lord has led them up to this point in their lives. When it's clear that they indeed have Christ in them, we are one. I am not Catholic and I wouldn't bow to a statue of Mary, but I am one with Catholic believers who trust in Christ.

Why do you think asking what denomination someone attends is divisive? I love finding out where others fellowship and attend church. But I'm coming from a viewpoint that we are already one. Maybe that's the difference.
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