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Default Move to Los Angeles

Short testimony of how I came to the LC. In Texas, one sunday, in sunday school, I met a new member with whom I became friends, we began to fellowship and I learned of and read some of Watchman Nees books which he had. A close friendship developed. After some months he had learned of a conference in Los Angeles, ( Ezekiel conference in LA ) and was going out for that.

I had no particular interest in going however my girlfriend's family had just been transferred to Los Angeles and also I was due to go into active military duty ( Long Beach ) and being encouraged by my friend, I packed up and went to Los Angles to attend what was left of the Ezekiel conference. A kind family took me in for a few days during the conference after which I moved in with a family near Elden hall. Never caught up with the girl friend but I attended Elden hall meetings for a year or so then off to Nam. What glorious meetings at Elden! What previously unheard of opening of the scriptures! What revelations of Christ I had never known! Taste and see that the Lord is good! Remember that? The overflow of life was wonderful indeed.

After service in the far east I came back to join in with those at the hall in South Pasadena. A return to the same nourishing church life. After one of the conferences, I forget which - maybe the Hebrews conference - I moved with the migration to Dallas to join in with the church life there. And remained there for a few years until I began develop a distaste for the church life, and basically just wanted to pursue my own interests. Not sorry for the time I was with the church life but not sorry I left either!
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