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Default Re: Berkeley to MIT, to freedom

What is interesting about this testimony, to me, is that you can really see the peer pressure that is applied to young people to get them to conform, and become program robots.

Secondly, you realize, if you already haven't, that critical thinking is anathema to groups like this. How can they retain intelligent young people who want to think?

The gospel of Jesus Christ is not threatened by people who think, and question. How can leaders of a church program think that it represents and furthers the gospel when it's so reactionary and repressive? I mean, please; wake up, folks! It's the year 2016. There is an internet, and people can share their experiences, for good and ill. It's not 1972 where you can pretend your program is something it's not; that it just one day appeared out of the ether: "The church in XYZ began when some Christians who were pursuing the truth began to meet there in 1975". I mean, all Christians are pursuing truth, no? Or just you few?

Or, "We're just Christians from a variety of backgrounds who love the Lord." Completely disingenuous.

People can get information; they can think, and question. It's okay. The gospel of God doesn't crumble in the Information Age. But religious gulags are increasingly walled in, and their response to any probings, is to build higher walls! Higher! Such is Babylon: impressive, to some outward aspect. Built by dedicated, hard-working folks. Well meaning, even. But entirely human in origin, and in effort, and destiny.
"Freedom is free. It's slavery that's so horribly expensive" - Colonel Templeton, ret., of the 12th Scottish Highlanders, the 'Black Fusiliers'
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