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Default Re: Spouses in the local church

Originally Posted by Redman View Post
My wife tells me the church is now her oxygen and she needs it as often as possible. I suspected and now fear that vacation time with my wife is now can that be ? I have been visiting local congregations and talking to pastors for the first time in many years hoping to find some answers. I bought a Bible and have said some prayers, hopefully I will see some light at the end of the tunnel soon.
Perhaps this is a phase and six months from now she'll be less self centered?

Also, I have noticed that there have been many, many suggestions of all kinds and that you are reading the Bible and visiting churches. Have you considered visiting the church your wife attends? There are many husbands that go to church on Sunday morning for the sake of the family. Even if you only did this for one month it would help you better judge the situation. If everyone welcomes you then I think it would suggest your wife was trying to force you to join her. If everyone shuns you and they are uncomfortable around you then that would suggest you have some very serious problems.
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