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Default Re: Spouses in the local church

Originally Posted by ABrotherinFaith View Post
Ohio, As I said before, I agree with you that a husband should love his wife, should take care of her, love her more, help make her life fruitful, etc. Yes. I never disagreed with you. I believe the Lord wants this too. BUT, and this is what I was addressing in my initial post, I do not think this is what Paul was talking about in the verses you quoted. He was talking about loving your spouse at the Lord's expense. That is the context.

Your idea that a husband's role to please his wife is "how can i love her more, how an I make her more fruitful, etc" is perfectly in keeping with the Bible, with God's word. I agree. But that is not what is being addressed in the verses you quoted. That's all I was saying.

Paul's intention, as far as I can tell, was to point out that it is better to have undivided attention for the Lord, but in a marriage that isn't possible. I don't think Paul would ever support what you and others say the LC claims for these verses.

What happens in the LC, whether is is in line with the Bible or not, was not my concern in my initial post. What you've described happening in the LC is, of course, a terrible interpretation of love in any usage of the word.
I do understand your interpretation of Paul's instruction, but who on earth really lives like that? Can you provide an example of a single brother or sister on earth today who is giving their "undivided attention" to the Lord, as Paul did, and is not some kind of nut case?

I'm not so sure that those who really attempt to please their spouses do so at the Lord's expense, but thanks for your input ABrotherInFaith.
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