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Blended B-bp : sisters have no spiritual discernment, they are easy prey for Satan’s deception. Evil sisters' rebellion would not be tolerated …

Blended B-mc : rebellious sisters have to be punished …

Blended B-rk : rebellious leprous sisters know nothing better, only small girls, I step back for the ground to open a hole to swallow em …

Blended Bros : we are your fathers, we love you, we cover you …

CALIBER of LSM leaders.
DEMO of their blended oneness.

aron : I guess the sisters don't have any spiritual discernment, and no capacity for revelation, as long as they're not named Jean Guyon, Mary McDonough, Peace Wang, Ruth Lee, or Margaret Barber, or Jessie Penn-Lewis. If you go to LSM website they are selling books by these sisters.

Sisters labeled 'rebellous' by LSM leaders actually 'love their Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ'. They obeyed God, not men (specifically, self appointed deputy authority in the so called Recovery organisation)

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