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Default Re: Can I be candid?

I agree whole heartedly with the spirit of your message, and that's the important thing.


- I'm not an athiest; I'm a polythiest pagan.

- I suggest always keeping in mind who gets to tell the story, and who gets to spin it, especially when it comes to stories about women, and especially stories about women in power. Think about it. Did SHE think her gods were false? How do we know she WASN'T a prophetess? She wouldn't be the first to be denied by others because they have different beliefs and assume they are right. And really, she "made him weak?" As you pointed out, he made a choice. No one makes someone else weak. You're weak or you aren't. And at any given time any of us can be either weak or strong. A true leader does not blame someone else for making them weak. That excuse has been used against women for so much of human history it's not even funny.

But aside from the thing about stories is, as I said, the message is the truth. Though I'd tell that story differently, I still recognize the truth in the message.

Originally Posted by countmeworthy View Post
I am so happy you realized the LR became (maybe always was??) a manipulative system, directed and controlled by the spirit of Jezebel. Isn't it interesting (at least it is for me) in retrospect, the similarities between Lee and the pope? The RCC claims it is the one true church. The LR claims it is 'the church'. The RCC has parishes. Everywhere you go to mass in any part of the world, you recognize it as the RCC. Anywhere around the world you attend an LSM meeting, you recognize it as such and feel right at home (mostly) just as a Catholic living in the U.S. but goes to mass in Africa will feel right at home.

It's no wonder the spirit of Jezebel infiltrated the LC.
I often think of the LC in Revelation 2 when the Lord is reprimanding the church in Ephesis. They had everything going for them but lost their first LOVE. IS THERE ANY LOVE IN THE LR???

Then read what the Lord says to Thyatira...
I have this against you, that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, and she teaches and leads My bond-servants astray

Isn't it sad and true that many people who have left the LR don't want to have anything to do with God? But in time, people like you and me were, will be drawn back to our Father because His Love for us pulls us back to HIM.

In 1 kings, Jezebel was a pagan who worshipped false gods and idols. (no offense to the atheists who refer to themselves as pagans reading this post).

You know that Ahab, a Jewish king married Jezebel, not only a non Jewish woman but a pretty wicked, evil and controlling person. She weakened Ahab and made him afraid. That fear and his weak soul empowered her to control him. But remember Ahab DISOBEYED GOD by marrying a pagan woman in the first place! So you boys --- don't go blaming the woman for being controlling and manipulative!

That spirit of domination, controlling, manipulation, power can and has grabbed hold of both men and women's hearts throughout all history. Why have children been terrified of telling an adult of sexual or emotional abuse? They are intimidated by power. (ungodly power). Who controls this world, the banking system, the corporations, the mafia, religion institutions? MEN! The spirit of Jezebel has possessed MEN in power: The Pope is a man as are his minions. The Rothschilds, the Astors, etc.. men... oh you have women in power too, the queen of England for one.

Nor is it God's plan for anyone to be 'in church'. We are to be IN CHRIST. And that's why I don't go 'to church'. 'COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE!!' Revelation 18.

We have all been taught that believers are 'the church'. Yet are forced to 'go to church'.

We are supposed to encourage, exhort, uplift and build up one another in the Lord.

Where does it say we need to be going 'to church' to do that? But don't tell the 'churchers' you don't go to church! They will you for not going! Churchers pluck my last nerve! That said, for many who only knew the LR, going to 'church' can be good... part of the healing process.

It took me a long time to go 'to church' after leaving the LC but I needed that for a season. Partly for healing and partly for learning. Glad the Lord took me out of there too.

Shalom everyone!
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