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Default Re: Can I be candid?

Thank you, aron. I don't know if everyone here shares your openness. But good on you being evangelical and still so thoughtful and open.

I certainly intend to stick around, but that depends on whether or not I'm allowed to. Once again, if I could find the rules anywhere, that would be helpful. I'm sure not everyone appreciates me referencing "huevos." LOL I can talk good...I promise!

Originally Posted by aron View Post
I've been looking for other voices to find this forum for a long time. Hope you stick around.

#1 If there is a God, then He/She/It/Them probably is kooler with people who "don't believe", at least overtly/consciously, than with people who ram-rod their concepts down every one else's throats. That's my two cents, as an "evangelical Christian". Card-carrying, to boot.

Being nice is not theology, it is behavior, repeated behavior.

#2 It is good to hear from those who don't see things the way that you do. I really appreciate other perspectives. Even though I still call myself an evangelical Christian, my idea of the "gospel" has drastically changed over the past 5 years (I've been out of the LC for about 15 years). So how do I know it won't continue to evolve? Why be dogmatic? Jesus taught, do unto others . . . so if I want others to listen to me, I have to listen to others. Basic stuff here.

#3 We really need your voices to "speak truth to power" here, because the Christian view imho has been very very warped by temporal, earthly power, for centuries. It is worth noting that Jesus was offered temporal earthly power repeatedly, and repeatedly refused it.

"The crowd wanted to make Him king, but Jesus refused it"


"He continually withdrew"


"Who made me ruler over you?" (to the one who wanted Jesus to tell someone else to do something).


"Whoever wants to be great, be the last in stature"


So alternative views give us a chance to live what we talk. To treat "others" as if they was "us". Cuz they is "us".
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