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Default Phoenix - Ron is really trying to excuse himself condemning Jo, me, others!

Ron Kangas has spoken about me erroneously at least three times beginning in Ecuador, then in the Philippines in January, and now in Phoenix early this month, March. He has never talked to me. And speaks inaccurately about me. I speak accurately about him before God and man and ask him for his response. He doesn't respond, because he deals only with the well-guarded fictional accounts of our church history, so he dummies up with nothing to say. And his counterparts do the same and treat truth as if it were their enemy.

A Time of Turmoil and the Defaming of a Leader: Examining Ron Kangas' Slanted and Superficial Depiction of John Ingalls (Coming Back to the Vision at the Beginning of the Lord's Recovery) (Volume 3): Isitt, Stephen: 9781505640137: Books

Phoenix March 2020 - Phoenix Blending Conference (see message one)

START at 1:10:12 - 1 hour ten minutes, 12 seconds

“Let me just tell you this, and this is not false humility, this is just frankness. The Lord knows, I am not a simple case. If I can learn a certain spiritual lesson any believer can learn, and probably faster."

So some years ago, in 2008, I went to the Ecuador in South America and I had a meeting with the leading brothers from various churches and I warned them of a very negative person spewing out all kinds of attacks. I gave the name, so they knew who he was. Then I found out that someone in that meeting violated confidentiality, recorded what I spoke, and sent it to this person. And, for some reason he put it online to make it known to the world and then he filed a lawsuit against me, [for] slandering him. As soon as I heard this, I had no fear. I had no anger, I had no anxiety and I just said, Lord I give this to you."

And then, I was traveling with a brother who served with DCP, and once they found out about it, they decided, okay we’ll have to do something, but I wasn't relying on what man would do, and eventually there was another coworker involved and they went to the judge. And, “the judge said 'this is ridiculous' and threw it away. This is spoken to the Christian gathering in Ambato, and you’re the one who wanted to put the thing online. He must have some motive behind it that he wants me to do.

Regarding Greg and Jo Casteel
"Then, after the training in July, maybe you remember there were some strong words spoken concerning rebellion and some serious words spoken about misrepresenting God, And about 5 or 6 weeks later the husband of the one who was being the most vociferous, speaking the most, every kind of evil, negative thing, took his life."

"Then I received emails accusing me of his death and was told, 'you have blood on your hands'. I can’t mention the vocabulary used. Again, didn't bother me, no fear, no anxiety, no need to fight back. I give this to you, Father God. This attack is against You. Then I read again in Numbers 16, after the ground opened up the sons of Korah and his followers went down to Sheol and the fire came down and 250 died. The next day all the people blamed Moses and Aaron for killing them. So we're in good company. (Laughter) Now, I was not suppressing my feelings, I was not gritting my teeth. I was not trying to be a hero. it was effortless, because I'm learning slowly, 'let Christ live again' the life He lives under the government of God, the Lord kept committing all His insults and injuries to Him who judges righteously in His government, the righteous God to whom He submitted Himself."

My Responses
My "spewing out attacks" was Ron's way of reacting to well-documented sources of truth-speaking that featured the righteous accounts of formerly beloved leaders.

Sole Purpose for Lawsuit
From January 2001 to January 2007 I had addressed leaders. And when they did not respond, I approached them in a different way, through the U. S. government. My sole purpose for doing so was to wake them up!

"Someone Violated Confidentiality act"
Ron, The message was taped officially at an ITERO CONFERENCE, to be heard elsewhere. The person who informed me wasn't even in the conference of leaders in Ambato and he did not receive a link from someone reporting to him what you said.

"For some reason he put the tape online"
The reason was to expose you and your supposed "confidential speaking" which included your words about me being a "man of death" and "one of the most evil speakers on the internet". And, "for some reason", you didnt return my two phone calls or respond to my letter to explain to me your public charges against me. You have yet to support your damaging claims.

So DCP went to the judge
Nothing you have said in Phoenix has any merit whatsoever and is a mini repeat of your colossal mistakes and damage done in your Ambato appearance. You spoke carelessly too in the Philippines, and now you tell of of your interaction with DCP. What are we to believe from that interaction? Both of you live to protect and cover up what you should be judging.
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