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Default The root of the core problem of the LC

After spending months reading past turmoil, meeting in other denomination and thinking, I'm not convicted that the Local Church is the unique move of God. Many problems occurred (elitesms, tribalism, pride issue etc) because the root of existence of the group were already risky.

Brother Nee followed the Brethren church footsteps, claiming have seen something, thus he went to execute it. That's why the LC is always like the brethren never wanted to admit that they themselves are just a group or denomination of Christianity. When this stand has been established, then the LC became an isolated group which they have unique interpretation of the Bible. There's a gap between the LC and the rest of the Christian groups when they have their unique view (they claim they are called to do something in this age) and they can't compromise their practices. Hence the LC appears to the members this is the best and only way to meet. When someone got hurt and there's unpleasant things happened in the church, the saints got hurt and disappointed even more.
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