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Default Re: Church Discipline Instead Of Covering Up

Originally Posted by jesusislord View Post
Does the Local Church practice church discipline? I've met in the LC for nearly a decade and have never seen any public discipline.
The Biblical kind (a sinning elder reprove before all that all may fear, for example) is rare to none, in my experience.

The un-Biblical kind (shunning a member who has concerns or whistle blows serious sin) happens too often.

It's a weird mix. I have seen serious action taken regarding things like divorce, but a strange "see no evil" when it comes to a whole slew of other things that should be addressed.

I know of situations where it took a lot of victims and a lot of vocalization for the leading brothers to take appropriate action after years, sometimes decades, of doing nothing. And the action was much more concerned with protecting the image of the recovery than it was to care for the victims. In other words, a magical wand was waved, the offending brother simply disappeared, and years later still no one knows what happened, except the victims. In other words, the immoral/sinful brother was "covered", both while he was in the church sinning and as he got removed from the church.
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