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Exclamation Re: Spiritual Warfare

Originally Posted by aron View Post
Poster Curious was fortunate to smell a rat, a non-divine aspect, and move away. Many were not so fortunate.
I want to take this opportunity to say the following. First, it took a surprisingly long time for me to smell that rat. My protection for that long time was (1) keeping healthy boundaries and not diving in quickly, (or at all), (2)observing much but saying little, and (3) following God's guidance during the time I considered joining. I met with them for a couple of years under theses terms.

Next, the only reason I figured it out is that I had already been through a situation in my life which parallels the LC experience but in a completely other context. I had already made my way out of an abusive situation with many of the same characteristics. I owned some books already that I dug up and reread.

My point is...lessons learned cannot be unlearned. Other Christian leaders who have tried to cultivate the praise and dependence of those in their care, have also felt unreassured by me and have kept a distance.

So, to all readers I say this: be encouraged, deeply. We all learn differing lessons, according to the nature of the experiences of our lives....all our days were planned to be, assigned to us, before one of them came into being.(Psalm 139 I think!) And all our lessons learned offer protection going forwards. Not only for ourselves but for others too. these things are what forge wisdom in us, they are tangeable and surprisingly strong within us.

Our life lessons, through our mistakes and those of others, can only be a benefit where we learn from them of course, and only God can give us the insight, strength and humility to do so. Even MC could end up giving God the glory for his mistake if he chose this path through it. (And its likely that he may come off the worse for this if he's the only BB who has made such statements, he may well be scapegoated on by his peers....that's just my opinion again of course.) God is there to turn everything to good for those who love Him. (Romans 28:8) We just need to let Him. Embrace pain and don't try to avoid it. The pain of truth, of being betrayed, robbed, exploited or of realising we've been lead by our own pride and longing to be exalted, to self-elevation, etc. We need to lay it all at the foot of the cross and give it to Jesus for Him to do with it as He determines, for His lordship to be over us in all ways. Then, in time, whole lot becomes as precious jewels whose sparkle cannot be tarnished by anything the devil does. He cannot reach our inheritance in heaven, but his efforts to deceive can backfire on him. Its in our hands, what we chose to do with our hurts and our mistakes. Minoru Chen's as well, if he repents and recants.

I never considered when I went through the things I experienced, that one day I would use that awareness to speak words of hope and encouragement to others. Every reader here has a purpose just as meaningful ahead of them. That's my message for today! Our bad experiences are our biggest opportunity!
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