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Default Re: Spiritual Warfare

The victory of Christs' finished work on the cross is ours. The authority placed in Jesus hands on the cross is also ours. We can send the devil running through our faith and the word of our testimony.

Today we were purging my middle kids' room because she is experiencing fear and sleeplessness in her room lately. We love to read so sometimes something (of the enemy) sneaks into our possession through new books or other belongings. This probably happens to a lot of Christians. My daughter and I prayed together last night and today, I am trusting in Lord Jesus to help me see what needs to go.

The same thing is happening in the LC, as I see it. They dropped their guard, something of the ruler of the earth got in.....and they need to pray and purge their 'household'.

Praise Jesus the King of kings that His blood is sufficient for Minoru, for his misstep, his sin! I believe wholly in the efficacy of the blood of Jesus.....everything, every issue repented of will be washed. I hope they are able to turn to the Lord. They desperately need to rebuke the enemy in this situation.
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