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Default Re: Spiritual Warfare


I’ll add to your list: “truth”. That is, the truth of God’s word. It’s important to be educated about what goes on in the spirit world. Your post is very helpful. The most important thing, I believe, is to realize this fight has already been won. That fight was won in Gen. 3 when God cursed the serpent and blessed the woman. This victory was consummated on the cross of Jesus. Our job is to simply stand and speak the truth of His victory which was won on the cross. Truth is the only way to expose a lie. (You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.)

I pray that Minoru will wake up!

I can’t say enough about the NTA interview. He shares some of his “truth encounters”. It’s 45 min. and well worth the time. It really puts spiritual warfare in perspective. It’s not about “demons around every corner”. It’s about standing in truth which has already defeated the enemy.

If we “know our enemy”, we are much less likely to give the little creep more credit than he deserves.

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