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Originally Posted by byHismercy View Post
Nell, I have heard the idea floating around christianson that when people speak to (or try) the dead, what they end up communicating with are unclean spirits. I think that makes a lot of sense. What do you think?

And back to Minorus' thing with Lees' spirit, I do think there is an element of necromancy there, even though Aron very eloquently explains the foreign guangxi network. Or if it was just an attempt to honor Lee as guangxi nest seems to me this is straying dangerously close to the edge of what God asks us to avoid....necromancy.
I wish to clarify my own statement in response to aron's assessment of the whole picture of the guanxi network. I would not want anyone to conclude that I don't fully support the idea of ancestor worship being a demonically empowered practise. It's just that it is also a component of the practise of guanxi networking. It helps that end. Within a Taoist household it no doubt is useful in many other ways too, to achieve various ends, therefore it has a strong and familiar hold in the culture and thinking of the persons reliant on it. I just wanted to clarify that. One aspect of the practise does not nullify another, according to my understanding of things.

I have experienced the dark side of the spirit realm through being exposed directly to 2 non-western cultures on a deeply personal level. Otherwise I would never have believed these things, they can sound nutty to the 'Western' mind. I can't deny what I have learned through direct experience.

'Straying dangerously close to the edge' is to me an understatement. MC's words and reference are well OVER the edge. Probably the tip of an iceberg. What is declared aloud is likely just a hint of what is really there. The meaning of the word 'occult' includes 'hidden', 'secret'. What's declared openly will be only very little of what is actually there. Somewhere I read that Nimrod practised spiritism openly but messing around with dark powers became a secretive practise, as a reaction to God dividing up humanity after the tower of Babel.

For example, 'Tantra' is the secretive dark side of Hinduism. Even false religions carry the face of being good, when what is deep inside is demon worship and practise. I have a Sri Lankan friend, (not a Christian, or a believer in the supernatural) who, while visiting Sri Lanka, caught an elephant handler whisper something into his cupped hand when an elephant charged their group. The elephant backed off immediately and my astonished friend asked the handler what he had said or done. He was very unhappy he had been observed and would not engage in conversation about it. To be powerful, it must be hidden. Open referencing is a sign it is safely established in deception and will be only the tip of the iceberg... this is just my opinion based on my own experience and belief on how this stuff works. (I could give many more personal examples of this but chose the one above for my own identity protection only).

My overall advice is, don't trust easily when it comes to this stuff. Don't assume it is less. Be very wary about anything referencing the demonic in a positive way. It is nasty, nasty stuff and the only power in the universe that can deal with it is the blood of Jesus and the power of his name spoken in the mouth of a true believer, and the presence of the Holy Spirit. Stick with that and the darkness flees, every time.
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