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Default Re: "The Ministry of the age."

Originally Posted by theLCfurry View Post
I think others may have better answers than I do, especially on stuff related to the bible. Sorry if I was unhelpful
We all are sorting things out, don't worry if you don't always make the best sense, either to yourself or others. Just be polite and friendly (as much as we can on a public forum) and your contribution will be helpful as any other.

My two cents: When "Judas went to his own place" the disciples chose another apostle (Acts 1:18-26). If you note 1:26 it said that Matthias was "added to the eleven apostles". I think this is because Jesus chose twelve, and they were to rule over the twelve tribes of Israel.

When James was killed in Acts 12:2, they didn't cast lots for another to be "added to the eleven" because there were already twelve. The idea of adding more and more apostles, indefinitely and sequentially, is not in the New Testament.

Paul was the wildcard, the "apostle to the Gentiles, as Peter is the apostle to the Jews", per Paul in Galatians chapter 2.

The idea of adding more apostles, two thousand years later, is ridiculous, grasped at by those with delusions of grandeur, and those who want to submit to a Grand Pooh-Bah Sheep. "Those who are great in this age, will be the least in the kingdom of the heavens". Didn't I read that somewhere?

The ministry of the age is Jesus.

Originally Posted by Nell View Post
Did the “ministry of Witness Lee” originate solely in the mind of Witness Lee, or did God have anything to do with it...anything...? Is the church “built” to the specifications of Witness Lee? No? Yes? Do we limit the truth of God to the reach, the massive expanse, of the mind of Witness Lee? What does Witness Lee have that he did not receive? Is Witness Lee the potter or the clay?

Witness Lee is a man with an interpretation of the Bible, like every other Christian man or woman. Some interpretations are more educated than others; some may be more enlightened than others; some may even be anointed by the Holy Spirit than others.
What she said.
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