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Default Re: "The Ministry of the age."

Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
The real issue though is that if their claim is true, then where is the proof? What does the LCM have to show for it?

Some of the largest Christian denominations in the U.S. have millions of members each. By comparison, the LC has maybe tens of thousands of members in the U.S. and I don't know about other countries. Just the scope of influence alone does not support their claims. Obviously, a group doesn't need to be super influential to have an impact, but if they're claiming that they're going to "end the age" and nobody has ever heard of them, it just becomes an absurd claim.
I'd just be careful about thinking there has to be a large testimony as proof the Lord is in it (i.e., looking at the "seen"). God doing things and starting things in a small way is something of an MO for Him. He plants seeds. He comes as a Baby. He had a handful of original Apostles. A still, small voice, etc.

Not saying He doesn't do things on a grand scale as well, but to try and categorize something He is doing just by the numbers . . .
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