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Default Re: I left the Local Church After Reading the Real Church History

Originally Posted by Sons to Glory! View Post
Great observation! T. Austin Sparks certainly pointed out shortcomings in Christendom, but I never get the sense from him that he's setting himself up as something superior. (and BTW - Sparks certainly had books published during that time, which is certainly not lightweight stuff!)

What a prideful trap we all fell in back then . . . hard to believe it now! I remember the elation and freedom I felt when the Lord directed me to some books by John Piper. I was so happy in spirit that someone else outside the LC could write things about being seriously in love with God and about how we were meant to be enjoying Him daily! I had been in a really deep despair because I knew I didn't want to return to the LC, but I thought there was nothing else out there of genuine spiritual value. God led me through that despair to find Piper's "Desiring God." Through that book I was led into fellowship with some ex-LCers nearby.

Yeah, Books of T. Austin Sparks are very rich in divine revealation but he was despised by Lee because of ground of oneness controversies. Lee insisted to pratice his one church per city. When Sparks seeked to correct Lee, it was Lee who turned his back from Sparks and despised him since then.
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