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Default Re: Why isn't the LC a Part of the Breathen Church?

Originally Posted by jesusislord View Post
Brother Nee was a part of the Breathen fellowship for years. He even recognised them as the parallel work of God, he think the Lord has called him for a commission. He took ideas from the breathen like one city one church. But why aren't they one family if their interpretation of the church is the same? At least not many denominations see that. But today the Brethren are doing their own thing, the LC is obsessed to think that bro Lee brought the divine highest peak to them.

Well if you see in the history, the main reason why Christian groups split is because the interpretation of the scripture. For the saints in lc, they need to think about this:

1)Bro Nee and Lee were so right about the scriptures, they got it right, in this age they saw something which most of the Christians didn't see. the Lord has shown the truth that's missing for so long.


2)They were deviated from the majority because they read the bible wrongly, due to the influence of bad theology.
Coming back to your initial question, I would also ask why George Muller was not part of the Brethren fellowship. He was. Solidly for some 15 years. And quite gifted and fruitful. With his work to care for orphans, one could make the case that Muller did more to further the cause of the Brethren movement than any other. Then what happened to Muller? Why was he expelled? Was that a one off event in Brethren / Recovery history? Hardly.

To answer your second question, the reason why some groups split is NOT because of different interpretations of the Bible. Perhaps, on the surface, different doctrines and practices created rifts, but beneath the surface most were power struggles. Darby wanted Muller to be subjected to his mandates. The Brethren wanted Nee subjected to their rules. Lee insisted on absolute surrender.

Divisions, then, occurred because of personality conflicts, aka "lording it over" one another, or as Jesus said, "rule as the Gentiles."
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