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Default Re: Why lc isn't apart of the breathen church?

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One thing about fundamentalist Protestant splinter cells: they separate over some supposedly crucial truth, then won't allow their members the same latitude. Many who left "dead religion" in the 1960s and 70s for the LC were horrified that later their children wanted the same exact thing - the freedom to choose. You have to wonder - if "Everyone but us is divisive" isn't perhaps most divisive of all.
Very true. The LC was formed out of a supposed need to separate from others due to the perception that everyone else was divisive. There's nothing particularly alarming about the fact that Nee/Lee formed their own group, just as many others have done. The thing that is alarming, however, was the stated basis for doing so.

People in the LC were always more worried about denominations squabbling over doctrines than they were about the fact that they has a group refused to have any real interaction with any Christians outside the LC.
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