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Default Re: Late 1970s Boston "storm"

Originally Posted by eDh22 View Post
So...the IRS audit that the brother speaks of in his letter (waiting to hear from admin how to remove the name)...could any of you confirm that it occurred? I've heard several times that people regret not reporting on the activities but I don't remember that an investigation actually occurred.
Sorry if Boston info is scarce. Here's a piece of info that put Boston into the spotlight back in the mid-70's.

The increase of new people was dying down, so WL shared a "new move" of God to get trained in order to preach the gospel on the campuses. This was the genesis of today's FTT and Campus work by LSM. It was called the "Young Galileans" move, with all of the current young people in the LC's likened to the young Galilean disciples called by the Lord. I'm a little sketchy on details since I joined the church in Cleveland in May '76 in the midst of this incredible "move of God."

Back to Boston. Young people along the entire East coast were encouraged to move to Boston for training. Many LC's were "robbed" of their young people. Titus Chu in Cleveland initially rejected this mass migration of his people, which put him at great odds with Anaheim. Another Migration was promoted to Orange County CA to "support the ministry."

Boston quickly became a super LC training center under Sal Benoit. Max Rapoport in Anaheim, the "Universal Coordinator of the One New Man," saw Sal as a useful Lieutenant. Pretty exciting for a season. Crazy wild gatherings. Then Max decided to confront Philip Lee about his hanky panky at LSM's new offices on Ball Road. When Max Left, Sal left. The gig was up. Last I heard there were like 50 marriages in Boston in 1978. The "Young Galileans" move of God segued into the "Brotherly Love" move of God.

This to me was the "storm" in Boston. The letter you mentioned was retaliation.
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