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Originally Posted by Acolyte4236 View Post

Here is another question. Are there works of Lee that are no longer available or have been edited to remove gaffs and errors such that having the original edition is necessary?

Keep in mind that Lee conceivably never “wrote” a single book. What is available from the LSM are his spoken messages reduced to print. His “messages” were transcribed, and in some cases translated by massive efforts of unpaid volunteer labor. You would assume that Lee reviewed these manuscripts before being published, but I don’t know that for sure.

Many of us sat through the live speaking of Lee for years. In some cases, when the message we heard with our own ears, in person, came out in print, there were large passages missing from what we heard. In particular, I remember the “man becomes God” stuff was heavily redacted or edited out.

Additionally, books I purchased soon after publication were, years later, edited and passages were either changed or deleted to exclude some of his more controversial statements. I also recall the “Elders Trainings” books were heavily edited or redacted. “Gaffs and errors” may not accurately describe the deletions and changes as much as making the books more palpable to the Christian public they were attempting to market to at the time, such as Hank Haanegraaf and the Christian Research Institute.

I have attempted to locate original editions which are no longer available except as UntoHim has referenced, used and online. My books ended up in a box on the curb for trash pickup! I didn’t want to expose others to that ministry by reselling my copies. I don’t know if the original video or audio tapes are available or not.

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