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I challenge Nigel and the rest of those who consider themselves concerned to take a new approach to their disagreements with the LSM. Rather than presume that Lee was right (and even Nee was right) and that the LSM is now twisting those words, start fresh with the actual writings that we should not be going beyond ─ scripture. Intentionally reject Lee’s words and see if the scripture will return you to his teachings.
Mike, I agree with you in part. Funny ... you said the same thing to me somewhere recently. Anyways ...

We are not living in a vacuum. Some of us have a looooong context under one particular ministry. Some things have to be "unlearned" before progress can be made. For that matter, my wife and I are still "unlearning" ...

When I first consecrated myself in the church in Cleveburg, it was before the Revelations training in 1976. That ministry prompted me to examine everything of my religious upbringing. It also gave me a desire to research church history related to the RCC. Eventually, I attempted to purge myself of everything I learned in the RCC (including 12 years of education) except for two things -- and only two things -- Jesus was the Son of God and the Bible was the Word of God. Many times thereafter I thanked the Lord for placing me in a Catholic home that gave me these two great truths, even though I never heard of regeneration, but that's another story.

Nigel and his articles have been helpful in this regard.
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