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I don't mind a certain amount of politics. It is a topic I opine upon often (in other circles).

Ohio: Without taking a side in the liberal v conservative debate, you are forgetting that the liberal position could be entirely valid despite the corruption and lying of the current administration. I am fond of pointing out that I despise the attitudes and general meanness displayed by so many of the "spokesmen" for conservative positions that I like (exactly or at least generally). In a different way, I agree with awareness. Both sides have hypocrites. Both sides have corruption.
What troubles me is the double standard. One party attempts to legislate morality, so once their leaders fall short, they are proclaimed to be hypocrites. The other party claims no morality at all, hence they freely promote the slaughter of the unborn, homosexual unions, adultery, etc. making it all about "job performance," unless, of course, these leaders are in a designated minority, and any job critique is interpreted as bigotry.
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