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Default Re: Non-LC member dating an LC member--help!

At its core, life is not about who to date, or marry, or what job or career path to take. It is about finding God, and this involves finding God's purpose for creating you. Once you grasp that, at least somewhat, everything else (relationships, vocation, etc.) seems to sort itself out, because it all lines up.

Now, you'll still fail, perhaps often, and perhaps spectacularly. But God's will is immediate, in the "now", and so you'll always have a pathway home. You won't be lost at sea. You'll never be stuck in limbo, interminably wondering whether to go forward or back.

The key thing to remember, for me, is that even though God is really smart and I'm really dumb (relatively speaking), I can still have a conversation with God. Because God is so smart, He can even converse with people like me! Wow! God is really cool!

The Bible is about Jesus Christ. Jesus is the way home to the Father. For those of the Christian faith, there is no other. And, interestingly, just as Jesus reveals the Father (John 1:18, 2 Cor 4:4, Col 1:15), so also does the Spirit delight to reveal the Son to us (John 14:26; 1 Cor 2:10).

So if you come to the Bible, and hear the voice of your Shepherd ("My sheep hear My voice"), that's the Holy Spirit revealing Christ to you. Once you get that, you get everything - you get guidance, you get comfort, you get the assurance that God is watching over you and caring for you. You no longer feel alone or lost. You're now involved in God's purpose, and God is coming into your life.

So my advice is to focus on the Word, and in the Word always remember that God cares for you and sent His Son, and wants to reveal the Son to you, via the Holy Spirit of God. Ask for this and you will receive, seek for this and you will find. And when you do, you'll instantly recognize that there's nothing else in this life more precious, more powerful, more meaningful, more good. Once that begins to resolve, so will everything else.
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