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Default Can Anyone Help Our College Student?

We just found out that our son is a member of this organization. He was lonely and was looking for a real Christian group to be a part of on campus. He is now bringing home the Recovery Bible and other things that do not seem to reflect the beliefs he held dear. The Chaplins of the local church live on the edges? Just off campus and continually visit him to bible study, plan events, etc. He was an A/B student and is now failing. He acts strangely now, very much emulating that of someone who is being influenced by the LC group, from what I have researched. He is the kind of kid that always wants to do what is right in the eyes of the Lord.

How can we, as parents, find a group that he can talk with that was formally members? We know he will need to have conversations with folks that were once caught up in the LC. My heart breaks not only for our son, but for all of his current friends there on campus that do not have the familial support to intercede and help lead their children into finding their way into adulthood without strange oversight from the LC. If you are willing to discuss your story with us, I would appreciate the help. This forum is great, but I wish he could meet people who have been there and have come out. Thank you.
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