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Default Hello: finally sharing something.

Hey guys.

I have been here for a long time and have posted before a few times without registering.

I am really thankful for the Lord and those who keep this forum coming.
I believe many saints in the LC who are troubled often come here to find comfort and encouragement.

I don't know why I finally start sharing a bit. I don’t want to share too much of my background but with (some of ) the LC authorities constantly monitoring this forum and pressuring members not to come here to fellowship with others, it upsets me. What is it for? Protecting the ministry? The Church is about Christ and His people, not Christ and your ministry. I recall the nights I was so heart-broken that I just cried alone and crying to the Lord for what I have seen in the LC.

But I love the saints in LC very much. I have never regretted my time with them. There was a time I struggled to leave, but after crying out to the Lord with prayers for nights, I knew He wanted me to stay. I made a lot of good friends and spiritual growth there, and although it came with lots of pain and hurt, I wouldn't exchange it for other things. Then it came a point where I knew I had to leave - it was like a spiritual instinct telling me to move on from within, and again after nights of prayers, I could not be more sure it was the Lord the entire time who said it’s time to move on. My LC friend used to tell me, how do you know you are “turning to the Spirit? Well, for the mind set on the spirit is life and peace”. and yes, I had a tremendous sense of life and peace when I decided to leave LC, whereas staying in the system gave me dryness.

I want to share a few reasons, besides the popular ones like “worshipping Lee”, “only reading their own materials”…why I left.

- Again, many LC saints love the Lord and the Church deeply. But, sometimes, when I fellowship with them…I almost feel like many of them are having like a spiritual bipolar disorder that they don’t even know. Forget about the always-judgmental ones. There will always come a time, even the most loving ones, will say something of a typical LC language of an “us vs them” attitude- such as, how they are more overcoming then the others. The problem is I know they have no bad intentions deep down. Perhaps, a little pride, like we all have. But this shows how deep the problem is - even the most innocent saints say these things and do these things, and they cannot realize this problem, because everyone around them is doing it. You can see how “brain-washed” the atmosphere has been. I have a dear friend who, on one hand loves to drink and occasionally skips meetings while saying no need to be "religious", but at the same time he would say that I must see that ground of locality is the highest truth, and that I must follow into God's highest ministry, and that I should tell those in the denominations to say an amen after every sentence...but he IS a great brother.

- Being zealous for the ministry doesn't mean you are being zealot for the Lord. Your ministry is not the Lord. Although they always speak of how denominations are divisive, I want to say that for the many, many years that I have been a Christian and have been to 1x churches (No I am not church hopping but it's due to the nature of my work - and by being I mean fellowshipping) in my life I have never EVER seen a church like LC that mocks and belittles other non-LC believers and churches so much as LC does. It is sickening. I really honestly don't know how they can NOT get hurt when they do things like this. LC wants to repeat Nee’s saying, to have a “Normal Christian Life”, but man. When you feel normal to talk crap about other Christians not in your group, it is not normal. I think there is something VERY, VERY wrong in them when they say these things without feeling disturbed or hurt. I for one know Jesus Christ is being hurt when His people are being despised by His own people. I constantly have to share this with my close friends today to heal my wounds.

Let me give you some examples. Almost every time when I go to their meetings , big or small - when we are supposed to share our salvations testimonies, the testimonies shared by them were always not of how they became saved into Christ, but how they became SAVED INTO THE LC CHURCH LIFE. “Wow my previous church is crap! My previous church spiritual view is just so low!”

Well...LC members always like to laugh at people who got baptized in so-called “denominations” (btw I am still so confused. They are tons of non-denominational churches or house churches out there that are not part of any organizations) are baptizing into that particular church for church membership. While this is far from truth, aren’t they doing the very same thing? Something is wrong when many of them see one’s testimony of salvation = testimony of being saved into the LC Church life. JW much…

- I have spoken to many non-LC people to defend LC...well, not to defend their specific doctrines but just to tell them LC has many precious things to offer and I share with them how it has helped me grow, etc. Yet sometimes I feel like, I wish they could do the same.They always demand people to understand them and spend a lot of time defending their ministry, but I wish they could do the same to other Christians.

- I believe that many people who have been in LC would agree they really have many good teachings and like Igzy said, they could have made a much more powerful and general impact to the Church universally if they didn't lose it at pride. And this is just my very personal opinion: sometimes I wonder if I am still unable to find a both loving and biblical church, will I go back to the LC? My answer is - NO. This is just my personal choice under my conscience. And I may change, who knows. One thing I must say that is during my time in LC, their pride sometimes sneak into myself too and there were times I really said to myself, perhaps LC really is the best church or the only true church in the world. Now when I look back, I cannot believe I once thought that. But those thoughts that were in my mind were sounding alarms to me. That was the time I knew I needed to leave in order to regain a balanced view. And while they have hurt me, I have also hurt my family for thinking their truths are lower than LC’s. LC also used to say, flee from temptations. Mostly used in a context of sexual immorality. Well, some may disagree my view here but I see putting myself in LC as a temptation to build up my pride in disguise. I don’t want to be hurt and hurt others so no, I won’t remain in LC. In short, I’d rather be in a church that may seem not as zealous and insightful, but loves the Church with the purest motive, than in a church like LC that claims the headship of Christ while looking down the corporate bride of Christ. Sometimes LC gives me the impression like, let us make ourselves into another separate woman and the Lord will marry us, the better woman.

And let me repeat once more - I love the saints in LC dearly. MANY of them are the loveliest Christians I've met. No church group is perfect and I can certainly write another post only to discuss and appreciate LC 's wonderful work. But to all of us, when we love the Lord, we love all His people. This isn't about Christ and anyone's ministry. It is about Christ and His Church. His Kingdom. I cannot wait until that day when we face Christ and all our labels of "LC","non-LC" are gone. And we enjoy our eternal union with Him as one to the fullest. Apology for writing so much. Peace and grace.
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