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Default Re: Definition of "The Lordīs Recovery"

Originally Posted by Jo S View Post
ZNP, I don't want to get too far off topic but to me it's very simple. I look to scripture and see that there is no new revelation to be given to the church after Christ's revelation to John (Rev 22:18).
The topic is for each of us, including you, to give a definition of the Lord's Recovery. Therefore understanding your definition and your use of the words "genuine move of God" is certainly on topic.

Originally Posted by Jo S View Post
The driving force behind the Lord's Recovery has been from the beginning extra-biblical special revelation of "one church one city". The Holy Spirit wouldn't contradict God's Word. That's not to say behind the scenes the Lord wasn't been working on the hearts and minds of Christians within the Recovery.
I strongly dislike this term "genuine move of God" and consider that it is at the very heart of the error, not only in the Local Church but with a myriad of groups that have left the narrow way. It is an arrogant term. Is presupposes that God is not moving in a thousand different ways, which is arrogant. It is presumptuous because the implication is that God is genuinely moving with us, hence not with you. Finally, who is the "judge" that decides? If as you say, God is moving behind the scenes in the hearts and minds of Christians within the Local church then how can you say that for them this is not a genuine move of God?
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