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Default Re: New Comic Strip -- MOTA

Originally Posted by Raptor View Post
Where can I find what LSM considers "the age" in the MOTA phrase? What is their definition of "age". Age of grace? Church age? New Testament age? 20th century? Last days age?
In his book "Vision of the Age," Lee would identify one or two MOTA's for each century. What a joke. Lee equated the Recovery to the lineage of MOTA's starting with Luther. Then he went on to identify an obscure French nun named Guyon as Luther's successor, saying that all ministers must go to her if they wanted to know the Lord's up-to-date speaking. Huh?

How can anyone take Lee's version of church history seriously? It was all so self-serving, with gaping holes in his historical theories, until JNDarby came along followed by WNee. How convenient for those whose memory of church history only went back a century or so. Exclusive Brethren also re-enacted these same mythological genealogies as the Roman popes, and today boast of "Oracles" going back to Darby.

The only surprise here is the breakdown begun with the Blendeds "We." Where's the beef, I mean "Where's my MOTA?"

How can we have "Recovery" with no MOTA? How can we ever know what God wants to say?
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