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Originally Posted by Nell View Post
During one of his visits, years after his exit from the LC, Bill told us one of his realizations of Witness Lee and how the realization came about.

Many of you may remember when Lee experienced a detached retina prior to a scheduled 10 day Conference in Los Angeles. You may have attended this Conference. This was before “ministry meetings”, before Trainings, before the rise in power of the LSM. His health issues would not allow him to speak in the Conference and they considered whether to cancel it. Instead, the Conference went forward with 4 brothers sharing: John Ingalls, James Barber, Bill Mallon and Max Rapoport.

Witness Lee attended the final meeting to say a few words. He was in a wheel chair and had bandages around his head which covered his eyes. The atmosphere was sobering and tears began to flow...seeing Lee in such a state. When he began to speak, his voice was nothing we had ever heard. It seemed that there was not a dry eye in the house.

In this setting, Lee began to speak “Life is mysterious for life is God Himself...” If you were there, or remember, this brief message was a synopsis of the entire Bible. It was brilliant. Later it was published as a song, but it never again had the impact as when it was first spoken in that conference. To me (and others) it seemed that Lee was saying “goodbye” and that this could be his last message. Though this was certainly not the case, it was an unforgettable moment.

Fast forward to Bill Mallon’s comments many years later. Bill stated something like “seeing Witness Lee then, years ago, with his physical eyes bandaged, he had the thought that Lee’s spiritual eyes were also fading or blinded.” Whoa! Where did THAT come from? At the time, Bill was 1000% pro Lee. If there were indications that Lee was going off the rails, Bill didn’t appear to be aware of any problem/s. Bill spoke at that Conference on Lee’s behalf. Where did this thought come from?

Consider all that has happened since that Conference. Consider the rise of the “family business” and “the office”. Consider the devastatingly sinful behavior of his sons which was condoned by Lee. Especially Phillip. Consider that Lee’s “ministry” became a train wreck from which the Local Churches have never recovered. Consider that of the four who spoke in that Conference, only James Barber was with Lee at the end of both of their lives. Where did this thought come from?

What to make of it? Unknown. It didn’t seem t be something Bill dwelt on. It was just a thought...until it wasn’t.


Note that this “song” appears on It’s not the exact words but an attempt to make a song of it. It appears to be longer than the message itself given by Lee that day. I only remember the first line.
I'm glad you shared this Nell,I was at that conference it was very moving. And what Witness Lee shared was very inspiring. It's strange how things changed after that. Max Raporport is the one who wheeled him in with a wheelchair.
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