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Default Re: How many is "a church"?

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
It seems you agree with me that just any two is not always sufficient.
Certainly not. You would need at the minimum disclosure and transparency. Without it will lead to rumors, questions, and ultimately division.
To be told "honor the feeling of the brothers" is not good enough for me. Let's have disclosure. Let's have transparency. When I was told about Titus Chu, Nigel Tomes, etc I said okay, where's the proof? Where's the supporting evidence to support a quarantine. It's not something I can support unconditionally, but conditionally.
If a brother or sister is not welcome for fellowship, tell the entire assembly an acceptable scriptural reason why their persons is not welcome. What gross sin was committed? What heresy were they speaking?
That's why not just any two or three is always sufficient.
"Even a neutral has a right to take account of facts, even a neutral cannot be asked to close his mind or close his conscience."- Franklin D. Roosevelt
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