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Default Re: Post-Recovery: A Testimony

Originally Posted by InOmnibusCaritas View Post
I'd built my entire social identity around the LC. Everyone I knew before 2006 were from LCs. To maintain my convictions will mean the loss of personal identity, community, family, and even romantic relationship. All these for "one publication"? Who is Titus Chu anyway? I'd not heard him speak nor read his books. Where is Cleveland on a map?

Oh the sleepless nights. The greatest worry of them all was this: WHAT IF I AM WRONG?? 1000 YEARS OF OUTER DARKNESS, ANYONE??

So I think we need to come up with a strategy on how to help others make the exodus instead of enraging them just because we need to vent our anger (I know, we are all angry). How do we show them love?
I believe it is the case for many, their social identity is based on "the churchlife". That's what I believe makes leaving so difficult. Where would they go? Who would they fellowship with?

We should all ask ourselves, "what if". Just asking that question is an indicator of humility. For one to say they cannot to be wrong, they may be under the spirit of deception. Not one of us is exempt from deception. That's why we all need a reality check; what if?
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