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Originally Posted by aron View Post
Regarding Chinese culture, do you agree that the LC is an Asian-flavored personality cult? WL taught us that there was no longer room for "fallen human culture", but the LC of WL is essentially nothing but sublimated Chinese culture. I would be interested to hear your take on that.

Yeah I have often thought that but its subtle, hard to put my finger on it. I told my friend that the other day (he also is post-LC, grew up as a church kid) that I thought the church had a Chinese flavour, but when he asked for an example, I couldn't give one off the top of my head. Most of my church life has been with Asians anyway and I'm one of the most Asian white guys I know. So its hard to compare. You know how it is, live in a room full of garlic for years and you won't be able to smell the garlic. Only someone who comes from out in the fresh air, entering the room, can smell the garlic.

One thing stands out though: Having lived in China for five years, one thing I noticed is the way the church separates men and women so much - much more than the churches in my (western) home country. Even in the secular world they are a lot more conservative. Well - a lot of the secular youth are rebelling against that as a response, but the culture is still there.

One time I was having a conversation with a sister during a 'love feast' in Shanghai and my wife came up behind me and smacked me on the bum so hard I jumped a foot in the air. She told me later at home when justifying her actions and rebuking me for talking to a woman that a lot of the other sisters in the meeting told her they thought I was married to the woman I was talking to. Why? Simply because, if I wasn't married to her, why would I be talking to her? We weren't flirting or anything, just talking about serving on the high school meetings. But everyone just assumed that the lady I was talking to was my wife, because we were having a conversation. #MindBlown. The lady I was talking to was American banana Chinese, so she didn't realise the Chinese culture of not talking to a man.

That's Asian culture in general, not just Chinese. I heard the FTTS in Seoul, Korea has such strict gender segregation that the trainee brothers and sisters never talk to each other or even look each other in the eye, everything is done completely separately. A lot of Koreans come to my country for training because its more relaxed lol!

This comes out in the churches in the western world a lot, to a lesser degree but still quite strongly. Its something that Asian new ones slot into quite easily whereas western new ones often find it as a bit of a shock.
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