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Originally Posted by InChristAlone View Post
“…though our (Masoretic) Hebrew text has one verse (13) missing, which the LXX supplies, an inclusion confirmed by the Hebrew manuscripts discovered at the Dead Sea.”

“This is the verse occurring in the LXX and a Hebrew ms found at Qumran; it is not in the Masoretic Hebrew text of this alphabetic psalm at the point where we would expect a verse beginning with the letter nun….”
I think I remember reading that the Qumran texts lined up more with the LXX. But they were not identical in all respects (the details of which I am not sure). So it is probably not simply a case, wherever there is discrepancy, of "LXX good, Masoretic bad." But I still prefer the LXX for reasons we have covered already.

Originally Posted by InChristAlone View Post
"The Protestant Reformers’ emphasis on original languages (coming out of their Renaissance heritage) led most of the Reformers to insist on using the Old Testament canon available to them in Hebrew, which had become standard among the Jews (the Masoretic text). During the late Middle Ages, the Germans and Englishmen who began to translate the Bible into “the language of the people” were ignorant of the importance of the LXX (or in some cases even completely ignorant of its existence). They assumed that the Hebrew Masoretic text used by the European Jews of their day was more authentic than the Latin Vulgate, which in their mind was tainted by its association with the Latin Church based in Rome."
It's an interesting story, to be sure. I don't know the details of it at all. I didn't realize that the Vulgate was derived from the LXX. I thought the Catholic OT bible, at least the current one, was from the Masoretic. And though I prefer the LXX, I am not one of those conspiracy theorists that think, like the KJV-only people, that every version except one "pure" strain is hopelessly corrupted. Our history is what it is, and we don't always see everything.
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