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Okay, ICA, I think we've covered enough ground of Theosis, in the abstract.

In your posting you quote:

"the continuous process of acquiring the Holy Spirit by grace through ascetic devotion."

So let's get down to brass tacks. To truly become fully Theotic requires bringing both the mind and the body under the reign of Christ.

The mind might be easy enough by praying unceasingly. The body, however, is a whole other matter. It is said that, God speaks with a still small voice. Well the body speaks with a megaphone. A Catholic friend of mine just a couple of days ago told me that, sex trumps religion, and God.

So fanatics of Theosis have resorted to asceticism to tame the body's impulses, and to mortification of the flesh.

One way is to become a eunuch, or "cut 'em off." That'll fix the flesh ... they think. But it didn't for the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8.

And then there's the practice of mortifying flesh by flagellation, or self whipping to drawing of blood.

Or the use of a cilice, spikes strapped around the flesh.

This to me is not the "process of acquiring the Holy Spirit by grace."

So does God demand that for union with Him we have to resort to such gruesome practices?

Is that what Theosis demands?

Or are vestments, robes, and funny hats enough?

Are the leaders of the EO considered the most Theotic ... the leaders of Theosis?
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