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Default Re: The Old Way vs. the New Way

Iím from San Diego, so Iíll use this example. If one wants to know what was the old way, look up the Church in San Diego website and read the introduction and the history section. This is the image they put out to the public- which was the old way of Love the Lord, love the Bible, the church-itís all there. But what is missing is what they have been engulfed in for the last 35 years, which is LSM and the New Way. That adulterous marriage which took place in 1986, when they divorced their old husband for the New Way second marriage and now hide this second marriage history and act like everything is the same is publicly and, worse than that, self deception. Selling yourself out to a man/and the now dead manís ministry business is not loving the Lord, the Bible, the church. When they made such a adulterous marriage, they should have change their name to reflect this new relation- they should have dropped the church in San Diego and called themselves LSM in San Diego to reflect the real oneness of this new relationship. The church in San Diego title should belong to those who would want to meet in the old way.

The conscience, the shame they must feel within their souls cannot be drowned out by the LSM propaganda- that shame will always be there as long as they donít walk away from this adulterous New Way relationship, this ungodly union. Israel, the examples found in the scriptures, had the same problem of leaving their husband for adulterous relationships, yet God called them to forsake what they had done and turn back. At least scripture was faithful to record the true history- something that is entirely lacking with the church in San Diego.
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